Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to make yourself 3x hotter in 20 minutes!

So I woke up yesterday and the first thing I said to myself was, "I really want to go stand half naked in front of someone and let them paint my skin!" I might as well have said that to myself, because that is exactly what I did last night. My mom called me and told me that she had signed me up to get an airbrush tan. My cousin has signed on with this company that is doing airbrush parties. They have all the equipment and they bring it all to your home and you have a party and all the girls get tans. My mom wanted us to support Danielle in her new business so she volunteered all of my sisters and I to do it. The first thing that went through my head was my favorite episode of Friends, when Ross goes to get a spray on tan and he ends up totally dark on one side and nothing on the other. He of course looks horrible and it looks totally fake. "I'm an 8." This is perhaps my favorite episode of any TV show ever, and I laughed harder than I ever have before. If you've seen it your probably laughing right now too. Anyway, I was sure I would end up orange or something, and that it would be a horrible mistake. But I wanted to help Danielle out so I said I would do it. They told me that they had disposable underwear for you to put on so I didn't bring a swimsuit to wear, thinking I would just wear the disposable stuff. Well, it turns out they just had these tiny, little thong thingies and nothing else. I don't know why I was expecting a top, but they didn't have one. So I got to stand half naked while this gorgeous super skinny girl airbrushed the tan on me. It was actually really fun, and kind of freeing in a weird way. Then when my hubby came to pick me up, the girls convinced him to get a tan too. They were so convincing so, wallah, he is now hotter too. He only did his Chest and face and arms cause he didn't have a swimsuit. It actually looks really good! I look so much hotter! It isn't bronzer they spray on you, it's DHA, which is a natural chemical that brings out the pigment in your own skin, so It looks really natural. So now I am twice as hot as yesterday! I like my tan so much that I am thinking of hosting a party for all my friends, so if anyone would be interested in going let me know and I'll send you and invite. Oh and it's also super cheap. So there is my plug for airbrush tans! Don't you love looking fabulous?


  1. I do look even hotter than usual, huh?!

  2. that's awesome! My best friend in Iowa had one of these. She used to own her own business doing this and so she would spray me all the time in Iowa. Now I am pasty white and ugly since I moved. I love doing it. Glad you got it done! I miss you! Hope things are going well.