Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You know your sleep deprived when...

- You put the cereal away in the fridge and the milk away in the pantry and don't discover your mishap until the next day when the milk has gone bad.
- You go to WalMart, get your two kids out of the car, and proceed to walk into the store, only to discover 5 minutes later that you have left the baby in the car!!! (my husband said not to include this one, that I could get arrested or something and that only a really bad mother would do something like this. Well it was only a couple of minutes and she was fine, so judge me if you want to.)
- You fall asleep while feeding the baby, with your chin down to your chest, and only awake 2 hours later when your daughter comes in to ask you what is for dinner. You have a horrible neck ache for 2 days after that one.
- You forget to put the corn in your corn chowder and can't figure out why it doesn't taste the same. You keep adding more spices to fix it, but for some reason you can 't get it just right.

and the crowing jewel...

- You have intimate experiences with your spouse, that you can't remember the next day!

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  1. Okay so leaving the baby in the car for a minute totally happened to me too after Tanner was born. It only took me a minute to realize it, but still! I guess I forgot I had a second child or something. YES, I felt AWFUL, and NO I haven't made that mistake again, and NO you are NOT a bad mother for this one!!!

    p.s. the other stories were hilarious - because I think we all can relate! Hang in there!